KR4 Report from The Muddobbers

KR4 Riders Take Home the Hardware at the National Enduro Season Finale


KR4 Performance

September 17, 2014

Photos by Innovation Offroad


For Immediate Release:

The KR4 Arrive-n-Ride Team joined the rest of the National Enduro family for the last time in 2014 at the Muddobbers National Enduro over the weekend. Serving as the final race of the 10-round series, competitors were treated to one of the best race courses of the season. The Muddobber MC did a fantastic job of carving out some excellent flowing trails out of the prime Indiana terrain. Mother Nature delivered a whopping three inches of rain the week before the event, but miraculously the dirt was perfectly tacky and provided the “chocolate cake” all racers long for.

Jubal Brown came into the final race of the season looking to end the year on a high note. With temperatures in the mid-60s and the trails twisty and flowing, the recipe looked good for Jubal to do well. Usually a slow starter, Jubal got to work right away and laid down some fair times in the first two tests. In Test 3, Jubal hit a bit of a lull, but he recovered in the remaining tests to post a good result. Jubal finished the day 5th in Open A and earned a podium position in the year-end standings with a 3rd place in the final points tally.

I had a blast out there today! I was really worried we were going to have a gnarly mudder on our hands with all the rain they got last week, but the course really could not have been any better; it really suited my riding-style. I don’t know why I was asleep in Test 3, but overall it was a good day and I am stoked that I was able to finish in the top five. I cannot thank KR4 enough for their support this year! As I was traveling by myself most of the season, their support in-between checks was invaluable. I also learned a ton from Fred [Andrews], and I am very thankful for that. I can’t wait for NEPG 2015!

-          Jubal Brown                                


Mike Pillar joined us once again in Indiana and was looking to get some extra enduro practice in before he leaves for the ISDE. Frazzled from the late nights and extra effort required to get his shipping crate packed for Argentina, Mike had a hard time keeping it upright in the first few tests. With some encouraging words and bike adjustments from Fred Andrews, Mike started to get back to his regular form and ran as high as 4th in one test. He ended the day 8th in 250A. Although he did not attend enough rounds to place in the series championship, Mike tells us he is looking forward to doing the whole season next year.

I had a rough day today. My first two tests were awful due to wrecks and fatigue. Fred [Andrews] helped me with some bike setup tips in between tests 2 and 3 and it helped tremendously. The second half of my day was pretty solid, but not enough make up for the first half. Overall I had a good time and enjoyed the trail, as well as the opportunity to further my preparation for the ISDE. I'm looking forward to contending the entire National Enduro Series next year!

-          Mike Pillar                                 


Sarah Baldwin was another face we were happy to welcome back. With her own personal bike crated up and on its way to Argentina, Sarah rented our Arrive-n-Ride 300 and tore up at the Unadilla GNCC. A week later in Indiana, she was back under the KR4 tent and ready to spend more time with “Albert” (her nickname for the borrowed 300). Sarah was absolutely on rails in Indiana, winning all of the five tests and claiming the overall victory in the Womens A/B division by over 5 minutes! Sarah had a fantastic NEPG season, and not only won the Womens championship but beat out all the men to take the Overall B crown. We at KR4 are very proud Sarah’s accomplishments this year and hope to have her under our tent full time in 2015!

Coming into the final round of the National Enduro Series, I already had the Women A/B title locked up, but I really wanted to lock up the B overall title for the year. I felt like a total squid in the first test and was having some issues with cornering. Once I pulled in, Fred [Andrews] raised the forks in the triple clamp to help me out a little bit. After that my day started getting a little better. I was able to win tests 2 and 3 in the B overall as well as my class. In test four I almost lost the bike over the edge of a ravine. After that little scare, and thinking “Oh God, Fred is going to kill me”, I started to ride a little bit more conservatively. 


While I was able to win my class, I ended up second overall for the day. Thankfully this was enough to lock up the B overall for the year. I am extremely stoked to walk away with both titles. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that I am the first girl to ever accomplish this feat. I also want to say a huge thank you to the KR4 team. Without them stepping in to help me out finish out my season, I would have been sitting at home this past weekend.


-          Sarah Baldwin                          


Chris Bottomy and Scott McCullough made the trek to the season finale as well and looked to finish the year strong. Riding on Row 7, both riders were treated to some of the best conditions of the season!

Riding in the 200A division, Chris’s day was going well through the first 4 tests, and he was knocking on the door of a top-ten when he encountered an issue and was forced to retire for the day. Despite a bummer end to his day, Chris was still able to finish in the Top-10 in the final 200A points tally with a respectable 8th place ranking for the year.

Indiana’s “cornrow kaleidoscope” was epic today; I had a lot of fun. As far as the whole year goes, NEPG and KR4 go together like peas and carrots; I can’t say enough good things about this year, and their help this season is greatly appreciated!

-          Chris Bottomy                          


Scott, on the other hand, had one of his best races of the year at the Muddobber. Scott enjoyed a problem-free day and rode quite well, earning a 3rd in his best test of the day. After finishing the race in 4th position, Scott had earned enough points to secure 2nd for the year in the 250C class. Way to go Scott!

The conditions were perfect in Indiana. The trail flowed well and gave plenty of opportunities to stay on the gas! Overall, I enjoyed the series. It was great to make some new friends and spend time with this great community of competitors as a whole. Thanks to KR4 and their Arrive-n-Ride program; it would not have been possible for me to do this without the support of Fred Andrews and the KR4 Team. I am looking forward to next year!

-          Scott McCullough                   


Looking back on 2014, we are very pleased to be involved with such a great racing organization and friendly people. This was a learning year for us, as our last-minute decision to join the series made everything a scramble! We are very proud of our riders’ accomplishments, and we look forward to earning more success in the NEPG series in the future.

KR4’s first year in the National Enduro Series was a good way to show the riders in the NEPG series that KR4 is for real. We take good care of our Arrive-n-Ride renters and our Grass Roots transported bikes and riders, and it showed this year with our success in the series.

For next year, KR4 will be back renting and transporting bikes once again. We are eager to add more riders to our program in 2015, so give us a call and start saving time, money, and hassle with our program!

-          Fred Andrews                          


In closing, we want to say a huge thanks to our great sponsors! Without their help, none of this would be possible. Thank you to:


-          FAR Offroad

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