KTM Race Report From The Rattlesnake

Click to enlarge / Cory Buttrick Mullins Podiums at Rattlesnake National Enduro

Factory FMF/KTM Team rider Charlie Mullins earned 3rd overall at the eighth round of the AMA National Enduro Series held in Cross Fork, PA. His teammates Cory Buttrick and Russell Bobbitt finished right behind him in 4th and 5th position.

Mullins got off to a great start after turning the fastest time in the first test to take the early lead. In the second test he was able to put together another decent run to finish 3rd behind Husaberg’s Nick Fahringer and Mike Lafferty. He remained within the top three in all but one of the remaining tests and was able to hold on to a podium position.

His teammates Buttrick and Bobbitt battled together throughout the day. Bobbitt held 4th position in front of Buttrick in the first half of the race. After the third test Buttrick stepped up to the challenge and was able to make up some time on Bobbitt. At the end of the race only 10 seconds separated the two teammates as Buttrick edged out Bobbitt for the position.

Now eight rounds into the series, Bobbitt remains the series point leader by just 1 point over Mullins. The next round is set for August 28, 2011 in Chandlersville, OH.  


Overall Results –

1)    Nick Fahringer

2)    Mike Lafferty

3)    Charlie Mullins – KTM

4)    Cory Buttrick – KTM

5)    Russell Bobbitt – KTM

6)    Shane Hufford – KTM

7)    Andrew Delong – KTM

8)    Thad Duvall

9)    Cole Kirkpatrick

10) Richard Lafferty – KTM


Overall Point Standings –

1)    Russell Bobbitt – 193

2)    Charlie Mullins - 192

3)    Nick Fahringer – 168

4)    Cory Buttrick – 160

5)    Mike Lafferty – 129