News From The Rad Dad

All trails have been changed from last year! (Reversed and rerouted in parts, with some 25% new single track added.) The start is at the camp site, so is the section 1 start, ie no warm up, just jump into it!

Sec 1 - 6.5 miles
Sec 2 - 10 miles
Sec 3 - 10.4 miles
Sec 4 - 13.6 miles
Sec 5 - 7.5 miles
Sec 6 - 11.4 miles

One gas available location (you will see it 3 times and you only need1 can) The first time to gas is ~ 31 miles, the A guys may want a splash of gas on the way back to camp after the last section, or they would need to go 40 miles total. The end of section 6 back to camp is like 8 miles (nearly all road) and you pass by the gas stop on the way to camp.

Total distance C Riders
Total distance B Riders
Total distance A Riders

See ya'll in a few weeks!