No River Crossings At The Muddobbers This Year

 Update from the club on the Muddobber National Enduro:

We got rain last Friday, enough that all river crossings are out. The river may actually be crossable by Sunday, but could not take the chance.

Section length is as follows: 1) 8.4 miles  2) 9.2 miles  3) 5.2 miles  4) 9.2 miles  5) 14.8 miles  6) A-AA section 10.4 miles.

Gas is after section 4 with an avaliable gas after the first section. Just over 41 miles back to the start for gas, so most can make it with no avaliable. Section 5 is fast and long. A-AA is kinda loggy toward the middle to end of the section.

You will really enjoy the different look to the race this year, lots of new parts and change of order will make some sections look totally different.

We also still have spots open, currently at 400, but usually count on some no-shows. So day-of-event entries will be taken.