North Texas National Enduro Riders Refund

We would once again like to apologize for the financial and time loss to the riders, families, teams and vendors that was created by the cancellation of the North Texas National Enduro. With over 8 inches of rain the week prior and another 2 inches Saturday night before the event was going to be run, we feel that the event cancellation was unfortunate but necessary in order to host a quality event.

With the event being cancelled due to no fault of the riders or anyone else, the hosting club is preparing to refund the riders entry fees through PayPal since that is the way the entry fees were received. If one person entered multiple riders, those entry fees will be refunded together just as received.

The hosting club has also incurred non recoverable costs in the way of cattle removal from the land, land leasing, awards and t-shirts just to name a few, along with hundreds of man hours preparing the course.

 Since the cancellation of the event last Friday morning we have received many very generous offers from riders to donate their entry fees to the club to help offset some of their losses. Based on that generosity we would like to ask anyone that would like to donate their entry fee to the club to please text to 517-243-3971 or e-mail  that they would like to donate their entry fee and we will deliver an event t-shirt from the Texas round to them at the Rad Dad National Enduro on April 19th or mail it to them if they are not attending. If we do not hear from you by this Saturday March 28th we will refund your entry fee at that time.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Best Regards,