Peddle With The Pros

This Saturday at the Moose Racing Lead Belt National Enduro, KTM’s Ride Orange Program is sponsoring a bicycle ride with host 8x national champ Mike Lafferty. Peddle with the Pros-Bicycle ride with Lafferty, 8x national champ Dick Burleson, 4x national champ Russell Bobbitt & many more. Bring your Bicycle, helmet and a minimum of 5$ donation to the Caselli Foundation.

There will be two different rides, one at 10am and another at 2pm. Each ride will be approximately 1 ½ hours and will finish up with a look at the waterfall in the final test of the Enduro. It will be a super easy ride on paved paths around the state park, and it’s open to all ages and skills.

Down the waterfall in test 6