Pro Riders Move Back 10 Rows & Expert-AA's Move Up 10 Rows For 2016

"NEW" Pro and Expert-AA reserved rows for 2016.

Starting at the first round of 2016 in Sumter, SC the first pro rider will now start on row 31A instead of row 21A as in years past.

The top 15 riders overall from this year's championship will start on row 31A-45A with additional pro riders from 46A on back. After the first event the top 15 riders overall will be lined up by their previous race results starting on row 31A. 

The Rekluse Expert-AA class will now have the top 10 in series points from 2015 start on row 21A and continue through row 30A. At each event the top 10 in Expert-AA class series points will have reserved rows from 21A-30A. Any Expert-AA rider that earns a spot in the top 15 overall will be assigned that pro row and not their Expert-AA row.