Rad Dad Course Info

 The 2012 Rad Dad National Enduro is ready to go!

The property is getting some much needed rain this morning. Hope to get a small amount of rain on Friday also. Will help keep the dust down some.

The course is a total of 68.2 miles for the full course riders.

The B riders will have a total of 57.4 miles to ride.

The C riders will have a total of 48.9 miles to ride.

The first Gas Available is at 32.8 miles. The A riders will have 35.4 miles after the main Gas Available. There will be a Gas Available between section 4 and 5 if their bikes won’t make the distance back to camp. B riders have 24.6 miles and C riders have 16.1. These riders should only need one gas can. The gas available stops are at a remote location from camp.