Russell Bobbitt Up-Date

It has been a really really long time since I have updated my blog. A ton of really cool stuff has happened since the end of the last season! I originally had plans to keep doing some fun races in the off season, such as the final GNCC rounds, and Endurocross Finale in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, those plans were canceled abruptly. The second to last race of the GNCC series at Loretta Lynn’s was my last race of the year. I had a good race there rounding out the top 5. Later that night I drove to Alabama for a local MX race at Mill Creek. That turned out to not be the best idea for me as I would leave early the next morning for the ER with a broken wrist and collar bone. I knew right away that I was going to have a serious off season. For the first time I was relegated to really making downtime for myself. I had 2 pins put in my wrist to hold the head of the radius together, and a plate put into my collar bone to place the 3 pieces back together. My doc in Alabama did a great job and I am healing really well.
While I was down for the count, I still had the opportunity to do some really fun things. I had already planned to go to California for testing prior to the Endurocross, so I decided to keep the trip out there and hang out with friends and watch the race instead. I stayed with Caselli for the week leading up to the race and we had a blast! Kurt had a championship party that was killer and it really showed how much he appreciates everyone that helps him with all his success. (MUCH DESERVED) The whole Vegas weekend was an incredible experience for me as well!! Not only was I there to watch the Endurocross, but also for the AMA Hall of Fame Ceremony, and Champions Banquet. The Inductee Ceremony was interesting. I had the chance to meet some bigwigs in the industry, and also some nostalgic riders. It was awesome to be introduced to Bob Hannah, who I looked up to growing up and still have a poster of in my room at home! The next night we attended the Awards Banquet which was also located at the Red Rock Casino. The AMA did a great job setting up the room and serving an excellent dinner. It is always really fun having everyone together that has put in the same effort you have to achieve a championship. The surprise of the night came when the AMA announced the Athlete of the Year. I was blown away when they called me up to the stage!! I really had no idea that I was going to be picked. The other selected nominee’s for the award had a ton of credibility and each had a long list of accomplishments. It was a great feeling and I feel very rewarded to have been chosen for such a honor.
The rest of the year has been full of the paper side of the business and therapy. I am happy to be on the FMF/KTM Team for the next two years!! I have also continued support from all of my current sponsors! I am in the midst of updating my website with fresh pictures and updates so hold tight! I would like to announce one of my new sponsors that have come on board and that is DVS Shoes! Along with all the contractual developments for 2012 I would say that one of the biggest contracts that I am in the middle of negotiating is for buying my new house! Just north of Athens, GA will be my new homestead and I am super excited!! It has been a juggling act recently with training, house stuff, and rehab taking up most of my time.
The Holiday Season has been very fruitful for myself. I have had the luxury of downtime to actually spend more of my winter break with family and friends. My injury has been very frustrating, but at the same time it has been a kind of blessing in a way as it has given me the time to take the slow BIG steps that I needed to make in my life and career. I have some new ideas for the future and have the idea of a Riding School/Camp circulating around in my head! Right now, though it is time to get back to being a “slave to the grind,” and get prepared for the first National Enduro January 29!! I hope all of you have had exceptional holidays and look forward to seeing you at the races again soon!! Feliz Navidad!!