Train Robbers Info

We received an up-date from the ADR club last night about there national Enduro this Sunday.

Recent flooding in that region has not impacted their area, most of the rain has missed them and surprisingly the course is dry and in very good condition. There is a 50% chance of scattered showers on Saturday, but if they do get some rain it will just run off the hills and will not hurt the course conditions.

There will be three separate 25-mile loops with 2 gas stops back at the starting area so there will be no need for gas crews or the use of a gas trailer. They have a new staging area with plenty of flat parking, so there is lots of room for your campers.

They are trying to put together a warm up loop for Saturday, we will up-date you if that is possible when we know.

There are still entries available, so come have some fun with us.