Beta USA Factory Race Team Report from Sumter National Enduro

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National Enduro Series Round 1 Overview:

Location: Wedgefield, SC

Beta Factory Race Team Results:

• #42A, Mike Witkowski finished in 4th place at round 1 of the National Enduro Series, his career best for the NEPG.

• Cody Barnes rode his Beta 250 RR Race Edition to a 5th place finish in the Pro 2 Class.

• Rachel Gutish finished in 4th place in the Women's Elite Class.

The next event for all three riders will be at the first round of the 2019 Grand National Cross Country series on February 24th in Union, South Carolina. For more information about the GNCC series go to:


Bike: Beta 300 RR Race Edition


"My Beta 300-RR handled flawlessly across the rough and technical South Carolina terrain. I was able to get a career best finish and test time among some fast company! The best part was I never felt like I was out of my comfort zone as the Beta Factory Suspension helped soak up all the sand whoops."

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo


Bike: Beta 250 RR Race Edition

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"I got off to a good start to the day after the first test I was sitting close to the top 3. As I went out into the second test, I caught a tree root and had a pretty good get off into a tree. Luckily I was able to rebound and not loose to much time, but it still hurt my result for that test. After that test I went back to the pits and my factory mechanic; Sam was able to fix some of the things I tweaked in the wreck. In the final 3 test of the day I was feeling very good and was able to have 2 tests score in the top 10 overall, and I even won the last test of the day in the Pro 2 class. Even after some setbacks I was able to finish in 5th. I'm happy with my results as this was my second ever Enduro, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year!"

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo


Bike: Beta 430 RR Race Edition

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"Round one of the NEPG series did not go according to plan. A nasty get-off in test two resulted in a concussion and left me seeing stars for a couple of miles. Not wanting to risk a second blow to the head in such a short amount of time, I backed it down a bit to make sure I stayed safe - it's a long season and I definitely didn't want to risk too much at the first race. I salvaged a fourth place finish and some points though, so things turned out about as well as could be expected under the circumstances"

Gas Gas Race Report From Sumter National Enduro

Photo By Shan Moore

Photo By Shan Moore

Sumter, SC (February 3, 2019) – GasGas North America kicked off its 2019 National Enduro campaign with impressive top five performances in the premiere NEPro1 class as well as in the Women’s Elite division.

Thorn Devlin turned in a career-best fifth overall at the Sumter event, giving him a positive first step in the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series. The Pennsylvania rider is coming off of an injury in 2018, and a solid performance at the series opener is proof positive that he is fit and ready for a new season. In addition to being consistent all day, Devlin posted the third-fastest time in the difficult and tight third test, proving the rookie pro is more than ready for prime time.

Korie Steede was making her debut ride in the National Enduro series and was excited to see how she would perform under pressure in extremely tight trail. The Ohio rider surprised herself with a stellar performance in the sandy and tight conditions, and despite taking a couple of headers in the dirt, came away with a superb fifth place finish in the Women’s Elite division.

Thorn Devlin: It was a little rough at first, the beginning of the year everything’s a little bit different. I lost my brakes in section one and I was like a pinball bouncing off the trees, but I managed to find a flow and get down to business. I’m pleased with fifth and this is a good starting point for the season. I’m a step ahead of last year, so I’m excited for the year.

Korie Steade: It was an awesome day. The first test I got arm pump and I was just trying to get a handle on the situation. Then the second, third and fourth tests I rode great. It was cool and interesting and I was getting the hang of it and having fun. In the fifth test, just getting into the woods, I was trying to open up my vision and look several arrows ahead, but I got ahead of myself and I wrapped myself around a tree and went over the bars. Looking back, I had a great day and I’m happy with a fifth place. The National Enduro series is awesome.

The GasGas North America Enduro team returns to action on February 9-10 in Gaston, South Carolina for the opening round of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series.



1. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)

2. Steward Baylor (KTM)

3. Evan Smith (Hsq)

4. Mike Witkowski (Bet)

5. Thorn Devlin (GG)

6. Cory Buttrick (Hsq)

7. Zach Hayes (KTM)

8. Jake Froman (Hsq)

9. Liam Draper (KTM)

10. Tegan Temple (KTM)

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Torrot GasGas North America, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Torrot Electric Europa S.A., a highly innovative business group with a proven track record for success in high tech applied to its 3 business areas: smart mobility, off road motorcycle manufacturing, and smart cities. Currently, Torrot Group sells its products to more than 40 countries in 4 continents. Since acquiring GasGas in 2015 Torrot has made significant investments in the GasGas factory and the GasGas product line with a vision towards building GasGas into a major player in the global motorcycle market. 

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KTM Race Report From 50th Annual Sumter National Enduro

KTM Riders 1-2 at AMA National Enduro Season Opener

NE Pro1 Podium.jpg

Round 1 - AMA National Enduro Series - February 3, 2019

WEDGEFIELD, S.C. – The 2019 AMA National Enduro Series kicked off on Sunday in Wedgefield, South Carolina and KTM-mounted riders Russell Bobbitt and Steward Baylor Jr. dominated the race, splitting all six test-wins between the two of them to claim the top two overall positions for the day. 

It was Team Gnarly Routes’ Bobbitt who ultimately came out on top, blitzing his way through the first three tests aboard the KTM 300 XC. The multi-time AMA National Enduro Champion built up a solid lead early on before finishing out the day with three top-five finishes. In the end, Bobbitt’s performance was good enough to secure the overall victory by 16 seconds over Baylor.

Russell Bobbitt: “I had limited time on the bike but we dialed it in well this last week. It was super fun to be back on the two-stroke and I felt like I had never left it today. The first three tests went really well with no mistakes and honestly, they came easy to me. The wet sand conditions make up some of my favorite style terrain to ride. I caught a flow early on and rode well all day. The last three tests went well, too, with good times and I was stoked to be in the top five. Rain held off despite some little drizzles, but I managed to keep my goggles on and bike upright to finish out the day strong.”

Tely Energy Racing/KTM’s Steward Baylor Jr. got off to a slower start than his KTM counterpart, finishing 2-4-5 in the first three tests. It wasn’t until test four that Baylor fell into his stride as he rode his KTM 450 XC-F to the final three test-wins of the day. His strong performance late in the race gave the 2018 AMA National Enduro Champion a positive boost of confidence but it wasn’t enough to best Bobbitt for the win at Round 1. With a solid runner-up finish, Baylor puts himself into a favorable position to begin the championship chase in 2019.

Steward Baylor Jr.: I started the day off riding very tight and almost with a mental block and I really found myself struggling in the first half. But for the final half of the race, I was able to turn the day around and win the final three tests but it just wasn’t enough to close the gap that I had lost in the first three.”

Next Round: March 24 – Ormond Beach, Florida

NE Pro1 Results

1. Russell Bobbitt, KTM, 2:12:32.31

2. Steward Baylor Jr., KTM, 2:12:48.141

3. Evan Smith, HQV, 2:13:04.551


NE1 Pro Championship Standings

1. Russell Bobbitt, 30 points

2. Steward Baylor Jr., 25

3. Evan Smith, HQV, 21


5x National Enduro Champion Russell Bobbitt Wins Sumter





Bobbitt At Sumter National Enduro


Wedgefield, SC (February 3, 2019) – Russell Bobbitt claimed a stunning victory at the Sumter National Enduro in Wedgefield, South Carolina, marking the start of the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing.


Bobbitt’s win was somewhat of a surprise since the 33-year-old Georgia rider retired from full-time racing nearly two years. The Gnarly Routes KTM rider last won a national event in 2016, however at the Sumter event he managed to find a bit of that old Bobbitt magic while outrunning defending national champ Tely Energy Racing’s Steward Baylor by 16 seconds after six tests and 64 miles of racing.


This year’s Sumter Enduro was highly anticipated since it marked the 50th anniversary of the event, and the SERMA Club did not disappoint, putting on a near-perfect event. The turnout was massive, as well, with over 800 riders filling the start grids. In fact, the event sold out within 10 minutes after signup opened on the Internet, which is another sign that National Enduro is alive and well in the U.S.A.


Bobbitt started fast, winning the first three tests, as dark clouds threatened to dump rain on the area. Heading into the fourth test, Bobbitt enjoyed a 54-second advantage over Husqvarna/ Max Motorsports/FXR Racing’s Evan Smith, with Baylor another four seconds back.


Baylor, who has been dealing with a nagging knee injury, made things worse when he took a practice crash a week before, but he was still able to get settled in during the second half of the race and started reeling off test wins in an effort to catch Bobbitt.  


Baylor would catch and pass Smith in the final test of the day, but he would come up 16 seconds short of catching Bobbitt.


The final tally showed Bobbitt with the win, followed by Baylor in second, and Smith in third.


“It was super fun to be back on the two-stroke, it felt like old times,” said Bobbitt. “The first three tests went well and I kept it clean. The wet sand conditions make up some of my favorite style terrain to ride. I caught a flow early on and rode well all day. The last three tests went well, too, with good times and I was stoked to be in the top five.”


Baylor was happy with second after finishing 2-4-5 in the first three tests.



“I started the day off riding very tight and almost with a mental block and I really found myself struggling in the first half,” said Baylor. “But for the final half of the race, I was able to turn the day around and win the final three tests but it just wasn’t enough to close the gap that I had lost in the first three.”


Smith matched a career-best with his third place finish.


“I rode tight most of the day and I just didn’t have that comfort level I was looking for, but I think I was capable of going faster,” said Smith. “I had a couple of crashes that cost me some time, but I picked up some good lines and for the most part it was a clean day. I was ahead of Steward going into the last test, but I jammed my wrist and struggled to hold on.”


Mike Witkowski turned in a career-best ride with fourth overall. The Beta USA rider also finished second in test four, which is another first for him.


“I rode well in the first four tests,” said Witkowski. “I struggled a bit in the last two tests, I think I just got tight. Those tests were definitely rougher and a bit tighter. We had a good day, for sure, and I think we improved over last year’s finishes.”


GasGas North America’s Thorn Devlin looked impressive all day and rounded out the top five, finishing 36 seconds ahead of Ohio Husqvarna rider Cory Buttrick.


“The day started off a little rough, I was trying some things out,” said Devlin. “I lost my brakes in the first test so I was like a pinball going through those tight trees. We got things sorted out and the rest of the day went great. I’m super happy to finish fifth and I feel like I’m a step ahead of last year.”


Zach Hayes (KTM) overcame a crash in the second test to finish seventh overall and first in the NEPro2 class. “Seventh overall is a personal best so I’m really happy with that,” said Hayes. “After I crashed I just put my head down and started charging.”


XC Gear/Enduro Engineering Husqvarna’s Jake Froman, who is starting his first full year in the Pro division, came away with eighth overall, just 23 second behind Hayes.


New Zealand’s Liam Draper put his Tely Energy KTM into ninth overall, which was good enough for second in the NEPro2 division. Meanwhile, Tegan Temple (KTM) was 10th overall and third in NEPro2.


Mackenzie Tricker (KTM) got the season off to a good start with a big win in the Women’s Elite class, topping defending champion Tayla Jones (Hsq) by over a minute. These two battled back and forth all last year and it looks like 2019 will be more of the same. Brooke Cosner rounded out the podium on a KTM after posting some impressive rides.


Eight-time National Enduro Champ Mike Lafferty came out of retirement to compete, riding a KTM 500 EXC to the win in the AA division. Mike thrilled the fans with his go-for-it style and his trademark smile.


The Kenda AMA National Enduro Series returns to action on March 24th at the Alligator Enduro in Ormond Beach, Florida. For more information on the series go to



1. Russell Bobbitt (KTM)

2. Steward Baylor (KTM)

3. Evan Smith (Hsq)

4. Mike Witkowski (Bet)

5. Thorn Devlin (GG)

6. Cory Buttrick (Hsq)

7. Zach Hayes (KTM)

8. Jake Froman (Hsq)

9. Liam Draper (KTM)

10. Tegan Temple (KTM)



Media Contact:

Shan Moore




Press Release from our Friends at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

RM White.jpg
2018 Series Logo.jpg

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Renews Sponsorship of the National Enduro Series for 2019

Payson, UT (January 23, 2019) – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will continue their sponsorship of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing for 2019. The sponsorship renews the partnership RMATVMC has with the National Enduro Promotions Group (NEPG). As part of the sponsorship, RMATVMC will award each competing rider with a $10 Race Gas credit redeemable at

The National Enduro Series was established in the early 1960s as a way to showcase the best enduro riders in the nation. Enduro competitions had been held since the late 1920s, but only on a local or regional level. Through the national competition, riders of all skill levels could convene in one spot to earn a coveted national title. Today, the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series continues this tradition and highlights the top enduro riders through long-distance trails over tough, technical terrain.

“We are very excited to be partnered with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC again for 2019,” said Alan Randt of NEPG. “This marks five years working with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and we could not be happier. Rocky Mountain offers riders of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series ‘Race Gas Cash’, which gives them $10 each race they race in the series to spend at We could not be more proud to partner with such a great company that gives back so much to our riders.”

“We’re glad to support the National Enduro Series,” said Dan Thomas, CEO and Founder of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. “The series is a great opportunity for us to be involved and show our support for the dedicated enduro riders.”

There will be 10 rounds of the National Enduro Series for 2019, starting with the first round on February 3rd. For more information about the series or to register, please visit For questions about the Race Gas program, please visit

About Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the trusted online source for high-quality riding gear, parts and accessories for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, dual sport bikes and street motorcycles. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has provided low prices and unparalleled customer service for over 34 years. With the RM Cash program, a fit-guarantee apparel exchange, free three-day shipping and a price match guarantee, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC continues to deliver a premier shopping experience for the off-road enthusiast. For more information, visit

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC on Social Media

• Facebook: RMATVMC

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• Twitter: @RMATVMC

About the AMA National Enduro Series

Enduros are the oldest form of off-road motorcycle competition in the USA. Enduros can trace their beginnings back to 1920 (and perhaps even earlier), and it is still the premier off-road motorcycle competition around the world today. The sport has evolved several times over the years, and the newest evolution was designed to meet the needs of today’s motorcyclists. The National Enduro Promotions Group (NEPG) was formed by a group of enduro enthusiasts to assist the AMA in promotion and management of the AMA National Enduro Series. Its objective is to work with the riders, clubs and sponsors to raise the level of participation and awareness for enduro competition to make sure that the oldest form of off-road competition will remain strong and viable well into the future. For more information, visit

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Kenda Tire of Choice for Sumter National Enduro

 For the Sumter AMA National Enduro in South Carolina, the Southwick II is the recommended tire.  The Southwick II with it tall aggressive knobs and open tread design, will get great traction in the sand.  The alternate tire would be the Millville II, with its directional tread.  The Millville II installed in the aggressive direction gets traction in conditions like sand and loam.  The Kenda rider support boxes will be available, they will be at the first and second gas truck.  If you get a flat during the race, the boxes contain Kenda Tuff-Tubes, bike stand, tools, tire spoons and air compressor.  The tubes are on the honor system, just stop by after the race and pay for them.  The support boxes are for all the riders regardless of tire brand you run.  Trackside Support LLC the trackside vendor for Kenda tires will have a selection of Kenda tires and tubes. They also has bib mousses, if you prefer to not run tubes.  You can reserve your tires at or call Tim at (248) 431-7506 before 10 PM EST. Mounting is available on Saturday, we specialize in bibs and  can handle most inserts.  Kenda youth tires and Tuff-Tubes will also be available.  Stop by the big Kenda arch and say hello.  We also stock wear parts, plugs, sprockets, chain, brakes, bearings, filters, levers, etc, in case you forgot something.

kenda southwick.png

NEPG adds Partnership with 100% Speedlab

A new support of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series is 100% Speedlab. At each round this season starting with Sumter in just under a few weeks time we will have $5 raffle tickets available. 1 winner each round will be selected to win this prize package from 100%. Each package includes 1 pair of Racecraft Goggles. 1 pair of Accuri goggles with Forecast System. 2 pairs of 100% moto socks. And a goggle carrying case.

Raffle Ticket sales will become available approximately 1 week before each event. Winners will be drawn at the Riders Meeting at each round. If the winner of the Prize package is present they will receive it then. If the winner is not present we will be sure to ship the prize to you.

NEPG 100%.jpg

50th Annual Sumter National Enduro Sold out within 10 minutes

Shan Moore Photo

Shan Moore Photo

On Wednesday January 2nd the Pre Registration Opened up at 8:00pm for Round 1 of the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing. By 8:10pm the 720 Row numbers were filled up completely for the 50th Annual Sumter National Enduro. This is just another positive sign on how alive and well Enduro Racing is in the U.S.A. and how much the riders enjoy the Sumter National Enduro hosted by the SERMA Club. Currently there are at over 60 riders and counting that are on the waiting list that will be randomly assigned positions at 8am the morning of the race. We are excited to get racing in just under 1 month from now!

50th sumter.gif

It is very exciting to have such great interest in the series leading into Round 1 of the 2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing. This year is the 50th Annual Running of the Sumter National Enduro, and the SERMA Club is dedicated to hosting a great event each year. 50 events is a huge accomplishment that not many clubs reach, add that with a large scale national enduro, just shows the rich enduro racing history in the South Carolina Area.

If you have not signed up yet for this event, it is not too late. We allow a waiting list of riders that will be randomly assigned a row number on race day morning at 8am. If you show up to race you will not be turned away. You will be able to race, we just can not guarantee any specific rows, they will be randomly assigned by computer software.

Congratulations to Lansing Motorcycle Club on Club of the Year


We would like to extend our Congratulations to a club that has been around from what seems like the beginning of time. Lansing Motorcycle Club has a rich history in Enduro Racing. They have hosted a National Enduro numerous times, and hoping will again soon. They hosted their 93rd Annual Infamous Jack Pine Enduro this past season and was Named Club of the Year by the AMA. Congratulations Lansing Motorcycle Club!

Photo Credit Ed McNeil

Photo Credit Ed McNeil